Discover how to unlock your Motorola G7 Supra

Motorola G7 Supra is one of the most interesting cell phones on the market. It has an eight-core processor with 1.8Ghz speed for games and apps. If you have purchased it from a phone company, it might have a network lock, so you can only use it with that carrier. 

This can be a problem when traveling because it doesn’t allow you to use a SIM card from another country or to take advantage of other carriers. However, you can solve this if you unlock your device. To do so, you only need an unlock code.

How to request the unlocking code?

To unlock your Motorola G7 Supra, you need unlocking code. You can request it by following these simple steps:

  • Select the carrier

In this field, you need to enter the data of the original carrier. Indicate the name of the company and the country of origin, select the currency, and choose the unlocking plan that suits you best.

  • Enter your data and IMEI number

The next step will be to provide your data, including name, contact number, email, and the IMEI number of the device. If you don’t know it, you can find out by dialing the combination *#06# on your mobile.

  • Make the payment

Once you complete the previous steps, make the corresponding payment. You have several payment options: Visa or MasterCard, PayPal, or Bitcoin. After paying, you will only have to wait for the code. 

Steps to unlock your Motorola G7 Supra

When you get the unlock code, you will be easy to unlock your cell phone. To do this, you must turn on your device with an unacceptable SIM card, from a different carrier than the original one. The device will request an unlocking code, and then you have to write the one sent by 

If the SIM card has a lock code, you must enter this PIN before the code sent. Once you complete these steps, you will unlock Motorola G7 Supra to use it with any SIM card in the world. 

This procedure is safe, so your device and information are not at risk. Besides, it’s permanent. Even if you upgrade or reset to factory settings, the network unlocking will remain.