Will the United States lift sanctions on Huawei?

What other options do you have for Huawei devices in 2022?

In 2018, the China-based multinational Huawei was climbing positions in the mobile market. According to data from Gartner’s second quarter of the year, the company overtook Apple for the first time in device sales, achieving second place. But the following year, its growth came crashing down with U.S. sanctions. In 2019, the Donald Trump-led government … Read more

What’s new in Android 13

What's new in Android 13

After several months in Beta, Android 13 is now officially available. As usual with Google’s mobile operating system, Pixel devices are the first to have the new version. But it will gradually reach the rest of the brands.  Android 13 has many new features. Some have already been implemented and others will arrive in the … Read more

It’s not all Google Play. 7 app stores for Android

It's not all Google Play. 7 app stores for Android

Google Play is the official Android app store. Therefore, most users go there to download their apps. Naturally, developers upload their creations to this platform to achieve a greater reach. However, you should know that there are alternative app stores for Android. Alternative applications for Android other than Google Play Google’s store for mobile devices … Read more

Speed up your Xiaomi phone in a few steps

Speed up your Xiaomi phone in a few steps

One of the most frustrating things about a mid-range or low-end Xiaomi phone is when it gets stuck and becomes unresponsive. This is usually due to excessive resource usage, caching or the RAM itself. However, there may be other factors affecting the device’s performance. When a smartphone slows down or freezes altogether, the first thing … Read more