Everything Google announced about Android 12

Everything Google announced about Android 12

In early September, Google officially began the launch of Android 11, the latest version of its popular operating system. This version stands out for including new communication functions and options to control devices, as well as improvements in privacy. Although Android 11 still has a long way to go, Google already has its sights on … Read more

How to unlock your Sprint Samsung

How to unlock your Sprint Samsung

If you own a Sprint Samsung phone and the activation screen still comes up when putting in your chip, at Movical.net we have the best solutions for this problem.  This annoying situation is very common for Sprint users. Sometimes it could happen with the factory rest, which leads to a locked device. To solve this … Read more

Best Android Phones for 2020

Best Android Phones for 2020

There are about 5.9 billion active smartphones worldwide. This figure shows how important cell phones are in modern life. Despite this, companies launch new devices every year, and they stand out in the market due to technological advances such as better cameras or more powerful processors.  In 2020 it has not been different. This year, … Read more

Everything we know about iPhone 12

Everything we know about iPhone 12

The iPhone update is one of the most anticipated technology events of the year. It is one of the trend-setting devices that many people aspire to have, which generates much expectation around its launch. This year it did not arrive in September as it usually does, but it seems that October will be its month.  … Read more

How to code unlock your LG Stylo 5

Unlock LG Stylo 5

Users want to use their cell phones without restrictions. However, if their device has a network lock, it won’t be possible. If you have bought your LG Stylo 5 at a good price, it might also have this locking. That’s how carriers make sure you stay with them and force you not to migrate to … Read more

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How to unlock your iPhone SE 2020

Unlock iPhone SE 2020

Many users are wondering how to unlock their cell phones. With so many carrier offers, it is common that you decide to change network providers. However, if your phone has a network lock, you won’t be able to do it. Unlocking your iPhone means removing the restriction that prevents you from using other carriers. After … Read more

Keys to unlock your iPhone XR

Unlock iPhone XR

When you buy an iPhone XR from a store, it probably has a network lock so you can’t use it with any other network. This is the way carriers make sure they keep customers tied to their services for a while. However, you can avoid this by unlocking your cell phone. The process of unlocking … Read more

How to unlock your iPhone 11 Pro

unlock iPhone 11 Pro

The iPhone 11 Pro is the smallest model in this range of smartphones launched in 2019. It is ideal for those who prefer more user-friendly phones and best of all, it is just as powerful as the others.  If you have bought this device with a network lock, you need to unlock it. Fortunately, this … Read more

3 steps to unlock your Huawei Nova 6

Unlock Huawei Nova 6

The Huawei Nova 6, one of the brand’s top-range phones, is the sixth generation of the Nova series. It’s a device with an elegant style and great performance. If you bought it directly from a carrier store, the phone may have a network lock. If so, you will not be able to use your device … Read more

Steps to unlock your Huawei Nova 5T

Unlock Huawei Nova 5T

If you need to unlock Huawei Nova 5T to use it with any carrier, you can easily do it from home. Just request the unlocking code, insert it in your phone and that’s it. Learn how to get it, here we tell you everything.  Steps to unlock your Huawei Nova 5T Unlocking your Huawei Nova … Read more

How to unlock your Huawei Y9s by code

Unlock Huawei Y9s

Due to the high demand in the mobile phone sector, network providers often apply blocks to the devices they trade. If you have bought a Huawei Y9s with network lock, don’t worry. You can easily and quickly unlock your device, just follow a few basic instructions. Steps to unlock your Huawei Y9s If you want … Read more

Unlock your Samsung Galaxy M31 in 4 steps

Unlock Samsung Galaxy M31

Many companies sell mobile phones with network restrictions so that you can only use them with their network. However, you can remove this restriction to use your device with the provider of your choice. Thus, unlocking your phone offers more benefits according to your needs. Unlocking your cell phone is also a need when you … Read more