Get to know the latest changes and features of the new version of Telegram

Telegram is one of the most popular instant messaging apps. For this reason, it is constantly innovating to improve the experience of its users. Recently, the company launched a new version that introduces a number of very interesting changes and new features. 

The March 2023 update promises to make Telegram even more powerful and user-friendly. This is thanks to its new features ranging from improvements in energy efficiency to new chat functionalities. If you want to know what the app includes now, we tell you about it.

Improvements in energy efficiency

One of the main concerns of mobile app users is power consumption. The new version of Telegram addresses this issue with two key updates that aim to improve energy efficiency and extend the battery life of your device.

Power Saving Mode

Telegram’s new Power Saving Mode feature allows users to reduce the app’s battery consumption by adjusting certain settings. By activating this mode, the app automatically lowers the screen brightness, limits animations and reduces the refresh rate. 

In addition, automatic downloads of multimedia files will be limited to save data and energy. This mode is perfect for those times when you need to preserve your device’s battery without sacrificing connectivity with your contacts.

Optimizations for low-end Android devices

Optimizations for low-end Android devices

Telegram is aware that not all users have the latest generation devices. Therefore, in this update, they have worked on specific optimizations for low-end Android devices. 

These improvements include lower memory consumption, faster message loading speed and reduced system resource usage. So even if your device is not the most powerful on the market, you can still enjoy a smooth and uninterrupted user experience on Telegram.

New chat features

Telegram’s latest update also comes with a range of new chat features that will enrich the user experience and make it easier to communicate with friends and family. These include:

Profile photo creator.

You can now further customize your Telegram profile with the new photo creator feature. This tool allows you to add frames, stickers, and effects to your photos to give them a unique and fun touch.

Emoji categories.

The new version of Telegram features an improved organization of emojis in categories. Now, you will be able to quickly find the perfect emoji to express your emotions and thoughts more efficiently.

New custom emojis.

Telegram has added a number of custom emojis to its library to provide options for expressing yourself in your chats. These include a wide variety of themes and styles to suit all users’ preferences.

Full chat translation

The full chat translation feature allows users to automatically translate messages in group or one-to-one chats into their native language. This facilitates communication between people who speak different languages and helps break down language barriers.

Automatic saving of incoming media.

With this feature, Telegram will now automatically save the images and videos you receive in your chats. This way, you can easily access them in your device’s gallery without having to save them manually.

Network usage.

The network usage feature allows you to see how much data Telegram has consumed on your smartphone. This is useful for keeping track of your data consumption and avoiding surprises on your phone bill.

Granular media permissions.

Telegram now gives more control over who can send you media files and in which chats. These granular media permissions let you decide whether you want to receive images, videos, documents and other files from specific people or from all your contacts.

Chat selection for bots.

The new chat selection feature for bots lets you choose which chats you want Telegram bots to work in. This way, you can keep your personal chats free from unwanted interruptions.

Other improvements and new features

In addition to the new chat features mentioned above, Telegram has also added other new features that will improve the overall user experience.

One of these is the addition of playback speed options for audios and videos in Telegram. Now, users have the ability to adjust the playback speed of these media files according to their preferences. 

You can choose from various speeds, such as 0.5x, 1x, 1.5x, 1.5x and 2x; so you can listen to audios and watch videos faster or slower as you wish. This feature is especially useful for those who consume educational or informative content and want to save time or pay more attention to details.

The new version of Telegram brings numerous new features and improvements that enrich the user experience and facilitate communication. It becomes more accessible and easier to use, to allow users from all over the world to communicate more efficiently and enjoy a more complete messaging experience.

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