What’s new in Telegram Premium?

Instant messaging apps have become a favorite among smartphone users. Among the most popular ones, is Telegram, which currently has more than 700 million monthly active users. In an effort to continue growing, the company recently launched Telegram Premium.

This is a paid version that allows users to support the app’s continued development and have access to exclusive additional features. According to Pavel Durov, the creator of the app, this subscription was born out of the need of some users to increase the limits of chats, storage and sending multimedia files.

Fulfilling these requests was beginning to be quite costly for the servers, and therefore unfeasible for the company. Hence, the solution has been to create a subscription for those who need more resources, speed and additional features.

Telegram Premium: what does it offer users?

Now, what exactly does Telegram Premium offer? Before telling you what benefits you will have with this subscription, it is important for you to know that everything that was already free, will remain free. In other words, the company will not penalize users who do not pay in any way, nor will it remove features to force you to do so. 

These are the features that those who sign up for the paid version of the app will enjoy:

  • Duplicate limits.

With Telegram Premium you will enjoy greater limits for almost everything. You will be able, for example, to create up to 20 folders with up to 200 chats each, follow up to 1000 channels, set 10 chats in the main list, add a fourth account in any Telegram app and save up to 10 favorite stickers.

If you want to write a longer bio, you can do it using this version. It even allows you to add a link in it. You can also add more characters to multimedia comments, reply messages with up to 400 favorite GIFs and reserve up to 20 public t.me links for your channels or groups to highlight with short links. 

  • 4 GB uploads

Another advantage of Telegram Premium is the ability to upload larger files. The capacity of the free version is up to 2 GB, which includes unlimited storage in the Telegram cloud. But with the paid one, subscribers will be able to share files up to 4 GB. This space is equivalent to 4 hours of video in 1080p quality.

It is important to consider that although uploads of extra large files are limited to those who have Telegram Premium, all users of the app will be able to download them. 

  • Stickers and unique reactions.

One of the new features of Telegram Premium are the dozens of stickers that now have full-screen animations. This collection will be updated every month and can be sent to any chat, as they are visible to all users.

Subscribers of the app will also enjoy more than 10 new emojis to react to messages.

Other new features

– Faster downloads to optimize your time.

– Voice to text, for when you don’t want or can’t listen to audio. 

– Chat management to better organize your conversation list.

– Animated profile pictures to attract more attention. 

– Badges next to your name to show that you are premium. 

– No ads, so you will no longer see sponsored messages in channels.

Telegram improvements for all users

With premium subscriptions, the app will be able to offer users who need it more extensive features. However, this monetary support will also support the free version. In fact, with the launch of Telegram Premium new improvements have come to all users. 

Among these stand out:

– Join requests for public groups.

Now, these groups can enable join requests for their administrators to review prospective new members before they become part of the chat. 

– Verification badges in chats

As happens on social networks like Instagram, organizations and public figures can verify their channels, groups or bots to show users that messages come from a confirmed source. 

– Automatic gallery saving on Android

The option to save to gallery automatically is back. Now, users can separately enable or disable this feature for chats with users, channels or groups.

– Improvements to preview chats on Android

Android users will now be able to swipe through the entire chat preview, without having to mark it as read. In addition, new buttons have been included to mute, pin or delete chats.

How much does Telegram Premium cost?

Telegram Premium: what does it offer users?

Telegram Premium subscription is progressively arriving in different countries. In Mexico, for example, it is already available and the monthly fee has been set at 115 pesos. In other markets, the price has been set at $4.99 and in Europe at €5.49. 

Already in 2021, Telegram was updated with new features, just like in 2018. If you still do not use this app and you are not convinced, find out why some consider it better than WhatsApp.