The best photography apps

If you want to take great photos with your cell phone, having good equipment is only part of what you need. You also need a tool that allows you to get the most out of your images. Fortunately, today there are many photography apps for your smartphone. You just have to choose the best one.

7 photography apps to get the best results

Taking good photos with your smartphone is more than a question of technique. To improve your mobile photography skills, you can resort to various applications. Here is a list of some of the best, ideal for beginners and professional photographers.

1. Photo Pills

This is one of the most advanced and complete photography apps on the mobile market. It is aimed at professionals, as it is ideal for planning photographic outings. Its main feature is that it allows you to plan photos based on the scene, as it has an assistant that calculates the sun and the moon at every moment. 

It also has hyperfocal calculation, hyperfocal table, star trail simulator, exposure calculation, augmented reality, and a lot of other functions. This way, you will be able to get really amazing images. 

2. Snapseed 

You may have heard of it, because it is very popular among photography lovers. It is a complete and intuitive app, that comes with many tools to improve the quality of your images. Its functions include selective retouching, double exposure, HDR, curves, etc., as well as different filters.

It is an ideal editing app both to make small touch-ups on your photos and also to edit them in depth. For this purpose, it has functions such as RAW development, perspective and geometry tools, and even the option to add a watermark to the photos.

3. Google Camera (GCam)

If your goal is to improve the quality of the photos taken with your mobile, this app is perfect for it. You don’t need a Google Pixel to have it, as it is compatible with many other devices. 

It features a lot of improvements in the field of computational photography. Google Camera (GCam) also has outstanding functions such as astrophotography, portrait mode or the Pixel’s exceptional night mode.

4. Pixlr

For photo editing and compositing, Pixlr is an option to consider. It is one of the most complete on the market, since in addition to having the classic editing options such as shadows, lights, exposure, among others, it also includes other functions.

It allows, for example, to make automatic corrections, double exposure, red-eye removal, overlays, effects, etc. It also allows pictorial styles such as pencil or ink drawing, and collages. 

5. Photoshop Camera

This Adobe photography tool has become a great alternative to the default camera applications that come with smartphones. It stands out from other options because it includes filters based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Thanks to these technologies, captured images are analyzed to automatically improve them. 

It also stands out for offering more than 100 filters and aesthetic lens effects. Best of all, no image editing skills are required to use it. This means that you can share spectacular photos with the world without having advanced knowledge in photography. 

7 photography apps to get the best results


This is a very easy to use editor, making it ideal for beginner photographers. If you are a lover of artistic filters, you will love this app, as it includes many to edit your images as you want. 

But this tool will not only appeal to amateurs, but also to more advanced photographers. And one of its outstanding qualities is that it allows you to manually edit photos and even save predefined styles.

7. Google Photos

Among the best photography apps it is also worth mentioning Google Photos. Although it is not an editing tool, it is a very useful resource for storing images. It no longer offers unlimited storage, but it is still a great option for storing your photos in the cloud.

With it, you can have a neat gallery in the cloud, which means you can access your photos whenever you want. In addition, it is very complete, since you can not only save them, but also do intelligent image searches, edit them and even print them.

As you can see, there is a wide market of photography apps. Try the ones that catch your eye to determine which one is right for you. Remember that if you are buying a new phone, it is important to make sure that it includes excellent photographic features. Select models with multiple quality sensors, good aperture and advanced image processing.If you also have doubts about which processors take the best photos, Snapdragon or MediaTek, we invite you to read a post on our blog, we have prepared about it.