Does unlocking the phone affect warranty?

When you buy a cell phone directly from a carrier, it is likely that the device will have a network lock. This means that you will only be able to use it with the company that sold it to you, limiting your possibilities. Fortunately, you have an option, unlocking your phone.

Yes, you can unlock your phone whenever you want using third-party services such as the one offered by Movical. However, it is likely that you have doubts about this process. There are many myths surrounding device unlocking. One of them has to do with the warranty. Does unlocking affect this benefit?

What happens to the warranty when unlocking a cell phone?

Sometimes it is believed that unlocking a cell phone affects the warranty of the device because a modification is made to its software. However, this is not the case. 

You should keep in mind that network blocking is a procedure implemented by the telephone operators and not directly by the manufacturers. Thus, unlocking your smartphone does not affect the warranty offered by them. For this reason, you can rest assured when performing this procedure.

There is also no risk of damaging the device, since all phones are prepared to accept unlock codes. However, you should consider that if a person manipulates the device by inserting wrong unlock codes and exhausts the attempts, the smartphone will not be able to be unlocked by code. In this case, the solution would be to reset it with some software.

How does Movical unlocking work?

Unlocking your cell phone to be able to use it with any network is not only safe for the device’s warranty, but it is also a process that works in a simple way. You don’t need any technical knowledge; you just need to follow some basic instructions that you will receive by email after making the request. 

If you want to unlock your cell phone with Movical, here’s what you should do:

➤ Login to our website and click on ‘Unlock cell phone’.

➤ Type in the search engine the model of your phone (for example: Samsung Galaxy A3).

➤ Enter the data of the operator that blocks the cell phone: country and name. Example: Mexico and Telcel.

➤ Once this is done, you will have to choose the currency in which you want to pay for the service.

➤ Select the plan of your convenience. You will be able to see how much it costs and details such as code delivery time and some specifications.

➤ Complete the form. Indicate the IMEI of the cell phone, your first and last name, email and WhatsApp phone number.

➤ Choose the payment method (credit card, PayPal or Crypto).

➤ Press the ‘Send’ button and you’re done.

Within the time indicated in the chosen plan, you will receive the unlock code and the instructions to apply it on your device. The procedure is as simple as placing a SIM card from a non-accepted operator in your cell phone and when asked for the code, enter the one you received. 

With Movical the process of unlocking your smartphone is transparent and secure. Contact us.