How to take care of your smartphone in summer?

What do you do for your smartphone in the summer? These devices also suffer from heat, so it is important that you know how to take care of your cell phone at this time. Remember that high temperatures are one of the main enemies of electronic devices. They can cause the smartphone to overheat and wear out some of its parts or compromise its proper functioning. 

Temperature is not the only danger your cell phone faces in summer. If you go to the beach or the swimming pool, you should be very careful, as water and sand are not exactly friends of electronic devices. Therefore, if you want to keep your cell phone safe in summer, these recommendations will be very useful.

Recommendations to take care of your cell phone in summer

Keep it out of the sun

This is obviously something you should do at any time of the year, but in summer it is even more important. Keeping your cell phone away from the sun means avoiding leaving it in an open space where the rays hit it directly, but also avoiding placing it on the table of the terrace where you are having a drink or even putting it on the car’s windshield support.

These are habits that should always avoid in summer or if you live in a place where temperatures are very high all year round, as they can cause an increase in the temperature of the smartphone. To protect your devices, always make sure to avoid this type of situations. 

Keep your cell phone away from water

Just as heat is an enemy of electronic devices, so is water. This is something we know in advance and yet it is common for a phone to fall into water. In fact, it is one of the three most frequent smartphone accidents. 

In summer, the chances of your phone getting wet increase, as it is common to go to swimming pools or the beach. To avoid this type of accident and take care of your cell phone in summer, it is advisable to be very careful when handling them in these places. Make sure your hands are dry so that it does not get wet and if it should fall into the water, you should dry it and turn it off immediately. We have a full post with tips on what to do and what not to do if your phone falls into water. You can see it here.

Remove the case

We are not telling you to leave your cell phone unprotected, as we know that there are devices that are easily scratched and can break with a silly fall. However, in summer you should pay close attention to the protective case use. If it is too thick, the device will probably have problems dissipating heat.

This does not mean that your phone will overheat by using a case. But it does mean that in summer it can get hotter than usual, especially when performing demanding tasks. In these situations, we recommend removing the case when you are going to use your phone intensively, for example, to play games or take a lot of pictures.

Charge it on a cool surface

Another way to take care of your smartphone in summer is to apply some tricks when charging it. Nowadays, most phones have fast charging systems, so it is easier for them to heat up a little during the charging process. In hot weather, this slight temperature increase can be more noticeable and damaging.

To prevent the device from overheating, we recommend charging on a cool surface. Especially avoid fabrics, such as charging on a bed, for example, since in these cases the heat is not dissipated properly. A homemade, but very effective trick is to leave the phone on the floor while charging. This is usually cold or at a lower temperature than other surfaces, so it will be very helpful.

Also, as in the previous tip, be careful with your protective case, if it is very thick, it would be ideal if you can remove it when charging the phone.

Restrict connections

In general, when the cell phone is at rest, its workload is minimal. However, during the summer any effort, even minimal, can cause an increase in the temperature of the device. Therefore, it is essential to have good control over the apps running in your smartphone when you are not using it.

Network connections, for example, can be a problem in summer. A cell phone that is constantly searching for network reception can get quite hot. So if you are in a place where reception is not stable, it is best to restrict connections to prevent the phone from overworking and overheating.

Do not install applications to lower the temperature

It is normal to want to have an extra help to keep our device cool and avoid risks. However, installing an app to supposedly cool your cell phone can be more counterproductive than beneficial.

These applications work by slamming all the phone’s processes to reduce the CPU’s workload momentarily. This may seem effective, but in reality it is not, as they almost always close processes that the phone reopens almost immediately (because it needs them). The result of this is double work for the RAM and CPU, resulting in an increase in temperature. 

These recommendations are effective for taking care of your cell phone in summer. However, if in spite of putting these cares into practice, your phone overheats, the best thing to do is to turn it off and leave it in a cool place in the shade. This will help reduce its temperature gradually to avoid damage.