Keys to unlock your Alcatel 3V (2019) by code

Most of the time, companies sell devices with network lock so that you can only use it with them. If that is the case with your Alcatel 3V (2019), don’t worry. You can avoid this lock by using a code. It will allow you to unlock your cell phone to use it with any SIM card.

How to request an unlocking code for my Alcatel 3V (2019)

To unlock your Alcatel 3V (2019) you will need unlocking code. It’s easy to request one at In Just indicate the model of your device, the country, and carrier of origin. Then, select the currency of payment, choose the most convenient plan for you. 

You must also provide your phone’s IMEI and your contact information. After that, all you have to do is to make the payment and wait for your code. 

Once you have the unlocking code, the process will be quick and easy. To do this, you must place an unaccepted SIM card in your Alcatel 3V (2019) and turn it on. Then, the mobile will request a code. Here, you have to enter the digits we sent you. 

Press Enter and your phone will be unlocked to use it with any phone operator in the world.

Solving your doubts about how to unlock your Alcatel 3V (2019)

If it’s the first time you unlock a cellphone, and you don’t know what the process implies, here we solve your doubts.

What if I enter the wrong IMEI?

To request the unlocking code, you must indicate the IMEI number of your device. Please note that if you make a mistake and write it wrong, the code will also be wrong. This means it will not help you to unlock your phone. If this happens, you will have to request the code again and do all the steps, including payment.

How do I know my cell phone’s IMEI?

This is a 15-digit code unique to each phone. You can find out by dialing the key combination *#06# on your mobile. Then, a window will appear on the screen with the information. Make a note of the code, so you can use it when you need to.

Is it possible to damage my phone by unlocking it?

No. There is no risk of damage when performing this procedure. Unlocking does not affect the device in any way. It will only allow you to remove the network lock so you can use it with any carrier.