How to unlock your iPhone 11 by code

When you buy a phone that has a network lock, you cannot use it with any other carrier. This means that if you travel abroad, you will not be able to buy a local SIM card, and you can only rely on WiFi networks. To avoid this, you can unlock your device.

To do this, you no longer need to take your phone to a technician. You can unlock your iPhone 11 from your home or office by following a few simple steps. 

iPhone 11 Unlocking Instructions

To unlock iPhone 11, just  follow these basic instructions:

Enter your phone information

First, provide your phone’s data. Besides indicating it’s an iPhone 11, you’ll need to specify its carrier and country of origin. You must also indicate its IMEI, which is the device identification number. 

In this iPhone model, you will find this code engraved in one of the ends of the SIM tray. You must also provide your contact information. 

Pay safely

Once you have entered the information, you need to make the payment. We offer you several payment options: Visa and MasterCard credit cards, PayPal,  or Bitcoin. No matter the payment method you choose, you will be doing a completely secure transaction on our platform. 

Receive the unlocking code

When you make the payment, you activate the process for us to send the unlocking code. You will get the code in the estimated time, depending on the plan you choose.

Steps to enter the unlocking code on your iPhone 11

Once you get the unlocking code, enter it on your device. To do this, you must insert an unaccepted SIM card from your selected network provider and turn on your phone. When you do so, the screen will display a message and request a code. Enter the digits we sent you, and unlock your iPhone 11.

iPhone 11 Unlocking FAQs

How long will the unlocking last? 

When you follow these steps, your iPhone 11 will be permanently unlocked. Even if you restore your device to factory settings or update it, the unlocking will remain. 

Can I unlock my iPhone 11 if it holds a long-term commitment? 

Yes, of course. However, you  should be aware that you will have to comply with the payment commitments of the contract. If you don’t, the phone carrier can penalize you, and the phone’s IMEI number  can be reported on the blacklist.