How to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S20 by unlock code

As a part of Samsung’s iconic S line, the Samsung Galaxy S20 is a new generation of high-end flagship phones. It is a large device, less curvy than others, and extremely elegant. And if you have already bought one, you will surely want to use it without restrictions. But if you are having trouble unlocking it, we provide you the solution so that you can use it with the carrier of your choice.

How do I unlock my Samsung Galaxy S20 phone?

To unlock Samsung Galaxy S20 you will need an unlock code. Once you have it, you can quickly and easily unlock your device. If you are wondering how to get it, it’s quite simple, just try following these steps.

Select your carrier data

Once you have selected the model of your cell phone, you will find a section where you must choose the country of origin of the device, as well as the original carrier. After this, you must select the payment currency to display the pricing options, which may vary depending on the delivery time of the unlocking code.

Fill out the form

In this step, you must provide the identification data of both the device and your data. On the one hand, you must place the IMEI of the cell phone, which is a code that you can know by dialing the combination *#06# in the terminal. And on the other hand, you must indicate your name and surname, as well as contact information such as email and phone number.

Choose a payment method

After finishing the previous step, you should choose the most convenient payment method for you. Once the payment is made, you must send the form and later you will receive your unlocking code in the time you have established.

Unlock your cell phone

Once you receive the code you can unlock your Samsung Galaxy S20. To do so, simply turn on your device with an unacceptable SIM card. If it has a security PIN, you must enter it and press OK. 

After that, the phone will request the network unlocking code and that’s when you’ll have to enter the code sent. After entering the code, your device will be ready to use it with any network provider.

Answering the public

We answer some frequently asked questions from our users:

  • Can I use my Samsung Galaxy S20 in another country after unlocking it?

Yes. Once you unlock your Samsung Galaxy S20 you can use it with any SIM anywhere in the world.

  • Is it possible to unlock my Samsung Galaxy S20 from home?

Sure, you can do it from any place. We send you the code and you simply follow the steps to unlock it.

  • Does my Samsung Galaxy S20 lose its warranty when unlocked?

No. Even if you unlock your mobile to use it with any carrier, it does not lose its manufacturer’s warranty.