5 steps for unlocking your Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G

The Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G is one of the most advanced mobile phones available in the market. It stands out due to its ability to change its shape because it is made of a polymeric material displayed in thin and flexible layers. Therefore, it is the largest screen ever seen in a Galaxy device. 

The second outstanding feature is its 5G connectivity, which is the most modern wireless communication standard. If you own a state-of-the-art phone, you will want to use it without restrictions. Hence, it is a great idea to unlock it so that you can use it with the carrier of your choice worldwide.

Steps for unlocking your Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G

If this is your case, we tell you the steps you need to follow to unlock your Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G in a simple, fast, and safe way.

  • Provide details of your carrier

First, provide information about the cell phone’s original carrier. You must specify its name and country. Keep in mind that this information corresponds to the carrier with which the device operates, not to the carrier you want to use.

  • Select the unlocking package

Then, select the payment currency. Once you have done this, a set of unlocking options will be displayed for you to select the plan that suits your needs in terms of price and delivery time. 

  • Fill out the form 

After you have selected the service plan, you must fill out a form providing details of your device as well as the user’s personal information. This means that you will have to provide the Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G’s IMEI number along with your first and last name, contact number, and email address. 

  • Pay for your package

The next step is to pay for the unlocking package you selected. The system offers several payment methods: Visa or MasterCard, PayPal, and Bitcoin. After you have entered your payment information, the system will process it.

  • Enter the code in your device

Once the payment has been confirmed, you will receive a code (within the time frame specified for the plan you selected). Then, you will only have to enter it on your mobile phone. To do this, insert a SIM card from a non-accepted carrier, that is, a carrier that is different from the original one, and turn it on. You will be required to enter the unlocking code. 

Make sure that the SIM card does not have a locking code. In case it does, you will have to enter the unlocking PIN first. After that, just enter the code that we have sent you. Your Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G will now be unlocked.