The best free Android apps to try

Smartphones are our inseparable companions. That’s because we can do almost anything with them, and that’s certainly thanks to the applications. There are many apps on Android, but not all of them are equally good. Furthermore, there are many that you have to pay for. Fortunately, there is also a lot you can get for free. 

If you want to get the most out of your phone, and even make it a little smarter, here are some apps that can help you. In this article, we have made a list of the best apps for Android that you can get without having to go through the checkout. These are very interesting options that you should try, and we assure you that you will love them! 

Telegram, more than an instant messaging app

You’ve probably heard of this app but haven’t tried it yet because you think it’s just another instant messaging app like WhatsApp. However, although it is certainly a messaging tool, its usefulness goes beyond sending text, images, and videos to your contacts.

In recent times, Telegram has become one of the most popular and recommended applications for Android thanks to its extra features. In addition to the messaging service function, this app offers a personal cloud with unlimited storage for files of up to 1.5 GB. It also allows you to follow groups and channels of other people to receive information on various topics. 

BitWarden, to keep your passwords safe

Password security is a critical issue in the digital world. Yet many times, users overlook it because of the difficulty of having to remember so many passwords. An excellent solution is the password manager, and if you use Android, you can install BitWarden, which is considered one of the best security apps.

With this application, you can manage your passwords securely because it has 256-bit AES encryption, as well as a password generator. It also includes synchronization with multiple devices so that you can access your data from various devices. 

Alto’s Adventure, for those who love games

Do you like games? Well, you don’t always have to pay to enjoy a good one. Alto’s Adventure is an action game that many would think is pay-per-view, but not. You can download it without paying a penny.

This application stands out for having quality graphics and sound. Besides, its playability is as good as many of the best games for smartphones, including some of the payments. And if you get hooked, do not worry, there is the second installment of this game. It is Alto’s Odyssey, which of course, you can also download for free. 

Pocket Casts, perfect for listening to your favorite podcasts

If you like podcasts or want to start listening to them, one of the best apps to do so is Pocket Casts. Until recently, this application was a premium application, but now you can download it for free on Android.

This application has an easy to use interface in which users have access to thousands of podcasts from different creators around the world. They can easily subscribe to their favorite programs and discover others through the ‘Discover’ tab. Pocket Cast is complete, so if you like to listen to audio, you should try this app. 

Photomath, a useful tool for math

A little help with math never hurts. If you have to solve math problems and operations, Photomath can be very useful for you. It is one of the many apps you can find on Android without having to pay.

It is an application that works simply and easily, you only have to capture with the camera of the device the mathematical operation, and it will provide you the necessary explanations so that you can understand the concepts to solve the problems by yourself. Best of all, you can do it without being connected to the Internet. Additionally, it integrates a scientific calculator that will help you edit the captured equations.

Top 10 Free Apps for Android

Snapseed, an advanced editor for your photos

In the Android ecosystem, you can find many photo editors, but if you want an advanced one, Snapseed is one of the best. This app was created by an independent company but it was later sold to Google. Despite this, the tool has not lost its essence.

This app has 29 tools and filters, including HDR, Stain Remover, Brush, Perspective, among others. Also, it allows you to save your designs and apply the tools to new images later. 

IFTTT, to automate your tasks

Automation is not a technology reserved for companies. Users like you can take advantage of it to optimize their tasks in many ways. IFTTT (If this, then that), for example, is an app that allows you to schedule actions on your phone between different applications to occur at a specific time by another action that triggers it.

That is, IFTTT connects different online services to automate tasks related to them, known as “recipes” or applets. Among the popular “recipes” that you can use in this app are: disable WiFi when you leave home, remember to return a missed call, turn up the volume to the maximum when called from a specific number, save all new photos to Drive, mute your phone at night, etc.

Gboard, a precise and fast keyboard

One of the freedoms that Android users have is to choose what type of keyboard to use on their computer. There are many options, but one of the best is Gboard, the Google keyboard. This tool has a variety of functions, including sending stickers and animated gifs.

It also has innovative functions such as the possibility of doing searches in Google to insert important information in the conversation without having to leave it. It also allows the use of Google’s translator and includes voice recognition for dictating messages, for example.

Adobe Scan, a scanner in your pocket

Do you need to scan a document? You can easily do it with your phone thanks to Adobe Scan. This app is one of the best document scanners you can find in the Android ecosystem and, best of all, without paying anything.

Thanks to the OCR technology, Adobe Scan can recognize the text of the documents automatically, no matter if they are printed or handwritten. When you scan them, you can save them in PDF and send them easily with any contact. The results are quality, so much so that you won’t miss having a professional scanner.

Duolingo for language learning 

If you want to learn languages, Duolingo is a free app that can help you. It is one of the best platforms for learning languages as English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French. You can even learn High Valyrian and Klingon. 

Duolingo offers complete lessons of grammar, reading, vocabulary, and oral expression. Besides, to make learning dynamic and entertaining, the app has a catalog of stories, games, and surveys. Best of all, it allows users to learn at their own pace and at any time.

Which ones did you like the most? These are some of the best apps for Android that you can download for free, try them now! You’re sure to love them.