All the services Movical has to offer

Movical.Net, a company specialized in online services for cell phones, was created in 2004. The company was founded in Spain, but its trajectory in the market has allowed it to consolidate its position in other countries such as Mexico and Argentina. It also has customers in the United States, Canada and many European countries.

If you bought a cell phone from an operator and want to unlock it to use it with any company or you want to buy a second-hand device and want to know if there are no problems with it, Movical services can be your best allies.

Discover what you can do at Movical

  • Unlock your smartphone

Among Movical’s services, the main one is smartphone unlocking. Many operators sell devices with network restrictions so that users can only use them with their carrier. However, you can remove this limitation through a simple procedure offered by Movical. 

To start the process, you must have the IMEI code at hand. This is a 15-digit identification code that all mobile devices have. To find out which is your device’s, you can look on the information label that appears on its box or by dialing the combination *#06# from your cell phone.

Once you have the IMEI you can start the procedure to unlock your device. You only have to enter this section, enter the model of your device in the search engine and then enter the information requested. Once you fill out the form and the procedure is processed, you will receive the unlock code to unlock your smartphone by email. 

The unlocking of the device is permanent, so you will never have to go through this process with the device again. If the device cannot be unlocked, Movical will refund the money. However, this does not apply in cases where the user sends a wrong IMEI code or if the device is unlocked, but does not pick up a signal. This can happen because of unpaid bills, because it is blacklisted or even because of firmware damage.

Check the status of the smartphone

Imagine you invest your money unlocking your device and in the end it unlocks, but it doesn’t work because it is blacklisted. To avoid this and similar problems, Movical offers another service; checking smartphone status. 

Another of Movical’s services is to check the IMEI. With this check you will be able to know all the information related to your smartphone; you will be able to know if there is an operator that has blocked it or if it has been reported stolen or lost. To do this you just have to enter the company’s website, in the ‘Check IMEI for free’ section. 

All you have to do is enter the IMEI code of your device in the space provided and perform the search. Once this is done, the system will indicate if there is any report associated with that smartphone. If you choose the premium check service you will be able to know in which specific operators the IMEI is reported, as well as in which countries and operators it is not reported.

Repair software remotely

If your device has a software problem, Movical can help you. It’s as simple as connecting your device to your computer via a USB cable. Then one of the company’s technicians will connect remotely to perform the necessary repairs to your device. Movical’s services include IMEI or device firmware repair.

One of its most outstanding services is IMEI wiping. This is a procedure that involves removing the report that led it to be blacklisted (it all depends on the type of report). This action is possible in consultation with the operator in question. 

Information services for you to make modifications yourself

In addition to the above services, Movical also offers several sections where it provides information that can help users with their phones. These are:

  • Reset mobile: resetting is an action that serves to reboot the smartphone and fix any problems it may have. Movical offers a series of free tutorials for different brands and models of devices so that you can reset your phone to factory defaults.
  • Mobile rooting: it’s a process that allows users to make the changes they want within the Android operating system without limitations. It is a tricky action, because if you are not careful you could damage the system. Movical offers free tutorials so you can root your device if you want to. 
  • Features and Prices: in this section, Movical offers technical specifications of more than 20,000 models of devices. This way you can check the specifications of any phone, as well as compare their features and prices.

As you can see, Movical’s services are many. The company’s goal is to completely facilitate the use of your mobile device. Best of all, it has a qualified professional team so you can properly enjoy all the services offered by the company. And you, what do you need to do with your mobile?