Difference Between IMEI Cleaning or Unbarring and Unlocking a Phone

What are the differences between unlocking an IMEI and unlocking a phone?

Unbarring the IMEI

What is it?: It is the process of removing the IMEI number from the blacklist.
Purpose: To allow the phone to make and receive calls.
Reason: It is usually necessary when the phone has been reported as lost, stolen, or due to non-payment.
Process: It involves contacting the carrier or using specialized services to clean the IMEI from the GSMA database. Another option is to change the IMEI by connecting the phone via USB to a computer.

Unlocking a Phone – Network Unlock (SIMLOCK)

What is it?: The process of removing network restrictions imposed by the carrier to allow the use of any other carrier.
Purpose: To enable the phone to work with any SIM card from any carrier.
Reason: It is commonly done to use the phone with different carriers, especially when traveling abroad or switching service providers.
Process: The carrier must unlock your phone’s network for free if you meet the requirements and are the original owner. If this is not your case, you can do the process with Movical.Net. Simply visit our section to unlock your phone’s network, which is usually done by unlock code, USB cable authorization with the help and guidance of our professional services.

In summary

  1. IMEI unlocking makes the phone functional again, while unlocking a phone extends functionality by allowing use with multiple carriers.
  2. IMEI unlocking is necessary for reported devices; unlocking a phone is useful for switching carriers without restrictions.
  3. Network unlocking or unlocking a phone is for phones with a clean IMEI, and after unlocking, you can use any carrier without restrictions.

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