What is IMEI blocking? IMEI Unbarring

IMEI Blocking (reporting a phone on a blacklist) is a security measure implemented by carriers to block and deactivate mobile phones in cases of loss, theft, or non-payment.

Every mobile phone has a unique IMEI number, or sometimes a second IMEI2 (for using eSIM), that allows its identification.

When an IMEI is reported and added to a blacklist, the phone shows an error and does not allow calls, as it is blacklisted in a common database used by most operators called GSMA.

Reasons for IMEI Blocking

1. Theft or Loss: If a phone is lost or stolen, the owner can ask their carrier to block the device to prevent misuse.
2. Non-payment: Carriers can block a phone if the user fails to meet the payment obligations of the contract.
3. Fraud: Phones involved in fraudulent activities can also be blocked.

Consequences of IMEI Blocking

A phone with a blocked IMEI becomes useless in terms of mobile connectivity:
Calls: It cannot make or receive calls.
Mobile Data: Our experience shows that, depending on the carrier, it may connect to the internet in some cases, but it will always be unusable for making and receiving calls.

How to Check the Status of an IMEI

Before buying a second-hand phone or if you suspect your device has been blocked, it is crucial to check the status of the IMEI.

With Movical.Net, you can check the IMEI here to see if it is blacklisted for free.

How to Remove IMEI Blocking

1. Contact the Carrier: In some cases, the carrier can remove the block if the reason for the report is resolved, such as paying off outstanding debts.
2. Professional Services: Specialized companies, like Movical.Net, offer services to clean the IMEI from the blacklist, allowing the device to function again.

Before Purchasing IMEI Cleaning or Changing Services, Check for Additional Blocks

In addition to IMEI blocking, phones can have other types of blocks:

iCloud Lock: On iPhones, this is a strong lock that requires knowing the linked email to be removed.
Network Lock (SIMLOCK): It locks the phone to work only with the original carrier’s network.
Google Account Lock (FRP): On Android devices, it prevents the use of the phone if you are not the owner of the originally linked Google account.

Therefore, before purchasing any IMEI cleaning or unlocking service, you should check all the status of the device.