Features to look for in your new phone in 2021

The technological world changes very frequently, especially in the smartphone sector. So, if you have plans to change your phone this year, you must know what are the features that your new device should have and that could certainly make the difference between a device and another, and of course, your experience of use.

Keep in mind that if you are going to change your equipment, it is best to buy one that is as up to date as possible. This way, you will be able to enjoy the most recent innovations in the market. Here’s what to look for: 

Large screens

In 2021, the trend will continue to be 6.4-inch screens, large screens. A few years ago, this type of screen seemed exaggeratedly large. Today they have become the standard, not only for high-end smartphones but also for mid-range ones. Having a panel of these dimensions is ideal for enjoying video content, as well as for reading. So if you are looking for an upgraded device, it is best to go for one with a large screen. 

High-capacity battery

Leaving home without having to carry a charger with you is now possible. And there are more and more devices that have high-capacity batteries. Therefore, when choosing a new phone, you must make sure it has a long-lasting battery. 

It is best if it has at least 4,000 mAh capacity. This way, you will be able to use your smartphone all day long intensively without draining it completely. It could even last a day and a half or two days. If the battery has more than 4,000 mAh, it’s much better.

Wireless charging

Although this is not yet a common feature in mid-range devices, it is in high-end ones. It is also a feature that will become a standard sooner rather than later. Therefore, if you have the possibility of acquiring a device with wireless charging, we recommend that you do so. Besides, you can get some models with this feature. Some of them are not as expensive as the Xiaomi Mi 10, the LG V40 ThinQ, or the Huawei P30.

Wide-angle lens

If you love photography, then you should go for a phone that has a wide-angle lens. This type of lens allows you to have a greater depth of field, so you can shoot wide scenes, as is the case with landscape photography. These lenses and other new features in the cameras will allow you to take better pictures with your phone.

Features you should look for in a phone in 2021

Android 11 and Android 10

If you decide to buy an Android phone, you should pay attention to the version of the operating system it includes. In 2021 Android 10 will continue to predominate, so it is still a good option. However, the growth of Android 11 might be faster than previous versions, so it will soon become more widespread. It is why it would be worth buying a phone that commits to the upcoming updates. 

90 Hz refresh rateĀ 

In 2020, we saw mid-range devices with screens with a refresh rate of 90 Hz like the Realme 6. Therefore, in 2021 you should consider not going below this number. Look for a device that offers at least this refresh rate because it will be one of the most in-demand technologies in the year. That’s why many manufacturers of mid-range phones will add to their catalog equipment with 90 Hz screens. 

Beyond these features, we recommend that you look for a phone with an efficient processor. This year it will not only be worth betting on the classic Qualcomm processors. Kirin and MediaTek are performing excellently on different devices. 

So now you know, if you are going to change your phone in 2021, try to make sure it includes these features or at least most of them.