How to free up space on my cell phone without deleting anything?

When you bought your cell phone, it had enough memory to store a lot of applications, images, and videos, among others. However, over time, this memory is not enough, so every time, it prompts the infuriating reminder with the full memory message.

If so, you will notice that your phone is running poorly, slowly and that even the battery is running out faster. If that’s the case, you should know that several options will help you free up space on your phone, and best of all, without deleting anything (or at least not the most important files). 

Best alternatives to free up space on your cell phone

Constant downloads fill your cell phone’s storage with photos and videos, other files, cached data, and applications. With this information in mind, you can find out what options you have to solve your space problems. 

If you apply these actions, you can free up space on your smartphone for it to work optimally. 

Clear your cache

The cache memory is where the device stores the data every time you use the cell phone. Social networks and browsers, for example, save data for optimizing future loads, so you don’t have to wait too long for the content to load the next time you log in. 

Cached data is not necessarily a problem. Thanks to it, you can have a quick load when viewing content. However, if you don’t empty your cache, your device could slow down. You could use the space this data takes up in something more productive for you. 

If you want to empty the cache of your applications, all you have to do is enter them and delete the data. Search for Settings and look for the Applications option. Select the ones that are cached, such as social networks, then scroll down and find the Clear Cache option. Then, try the same process with the rest of the applications that save cache data, and that’s it. 


Use the cloud

Another way to free up space on your cell phone without erasing anything is by using the cloud. If you have a lot of documents downloaded to your mobile, as well as photos and videos, the cloud can be your great ally. You can, for example, upload your documents, books, etc., in Google Drive, and if it is about photos and videos, you can use Google Photos.

Cloud services are optimal because they allow you to free up space on your device and, at the same time, have your files available. Every time you need them, you have to enter the cloud and look for what you need. 

If you want to upload a photo, for example, go to the gallery, select the option Send, and check Google Drive or Google Photos. In this last one, you can also set it to make a backup of your gallery. This way, you store all your photos in the application. 

Download lite versions of the apps

Another option to free up memory on your cell phone is to use lighter versions of the most popular applications, which are called lite or Go. These are versions that retain most of the functions of those apps, but take up less space. Therefore, it is a great way to free up space if you are limited.

Facebook and Twitter, for example, have Lite versions of their applications, and Google has launched Go versions of some of its most used services, such as Gmail and Maps. This way, you can continue using these apps but without taking up so much space in your phone’s memory. 

Remember that for your phone to work efficiently you need to free up its memory frequently (if it is already full). With these tricks, you can achieve this without having to delete your favorite applications or valuable files.