How to unlock your Sprint Samsung

If you own a Sprint Samsung phone and the activation screen still comes up when putting in your chip, at we have the best solutions for this problem.

 This annoying situation is very common for Sprint users. Sometimes it could happen with the factory rest, which leads to a locked device.

To solve this forever and without a hassle, we have three methods. You can use the IUCC unlocking option, professional software, or do it another way.

Unlocking with software

If you’re not in the mood of looking for special software, we can send you via email our professional unlocking program. You only need a username, a password, and to follow these steps:

  • Install the software on any Windows PC
  • Install the necessary drivers
  • Connect your phone to the PC using a USB cable
  • Run the software by clicking the “Unlock” button

Using the UICC unlock procedure

To understand this method, you need to know that UICC means: Universal Integrated Circuit Card. It’s a new SIM card created for tablets and smartphones that use high-speed connections.

On the other hand, the UICC is in charge of your identification within the mobile network so you can have access to a plan.

This card lets you have a secure and dependable data feed and register your contacts. Besides, it comes with global roaming, which delivers updated services and apps.

When you activate your device, joining a Wifi network, or inserting a SIM card, the UICC transmits a signal to the carrier to identify your cell phone.

Para el desbloqueo de SIM dentro de su dispositivo Sprint, tiene estas opciones:

Using the UICC unlock procedure

Master Subsidy Lock (MSL)

If your phone was launched previous to 2015 (Feb), you can use this method. It consists of disabling software that allows you to use an unlocking code.

UICC unlocking

If you can’t run any other network or any SIM functions, a Subscriber Identification Module unlock is required. AS it seems, your phone service is limited to one carrier and is unable to function with other wireless services.

It usually happens when you have bought a Sprint Samsung cell phone. An easy solution is to apply the direct SIM unlock, which enables the use of other national and international networks.

In Movicat, we strive to give you the solutions you need. There is no support for unlocking that we cannot manage. Trust in our 3 million satisfied customers.