Is Motorola a good option for 2021?

Motorola has a long history of success, but also of failure. In its early years, it set important milestones in the world of mobile technology. The RAZR, for example, was the trendy Motorola cell phone in 2004, standing out from its competition with its slim, metallic body and minimalist design. But, almost 20 years later, is a Motorola smartphone a good choice?

When the mobile world shifted to the smartphone market, the brand made a name for itself with the Moto G. This entry-level cellphone was a real revolution at the time, especially since it was created in collaboration with Google. As time passed by, this series has been growing and although there is a lot of competition, it has very outstanding features that make it a worthwhile line. 

The brand has also wanted to enter the premium sector of the mobile market, which is dominated by Apple and Samsung. Its bet for this range is the RAZR Flip with a foldable screen, a model that aims at the nostalgia of the mythical model of the beginning of the millennium, or the recent Motorola Edge Plus, a high-end device that has nothing to envy to the top smartphones on the market. 

Why choose a Motorola cell phone in 2021?

There is no doubt that the smartphone market is currently one of the most competitive in technology. Brands such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, LG, Oppo and Vivo are fighting to position themselves in this market. Motorola is also vying for a piece of the pie and has very good cards to win the trust of consumers.

But why is it worth buying a Motorola smartphone now? Is 2021 a good year to bet on this brand again? These reasons might convince you that it is. 

Excellent battery life

A great advantage of Motorola cellphones is their autonomy. Although at the moment, the brand is not characterized by having an exceptionally outstanding hardware, almost all its devices have a high-capacity battery. This guarantees sufficient autonomy, so that you can use your device all day, and even intensively, on a single charge. 

This is undoubtedly good news for these times when we spend a good part of the day using our smartphone, whether it’s navigating through social media like Instagram, listening to music or podcasts, or playing games. You’ll be happy to know that you can forget about plugs and portable batteries. With a Motorola device, forgetting your charger will no longer be a problem.

Stock Android and updates

The customization layers that manufacturers add to Android can often complicate the experience on this operating system. With a Motorola smartphone this will not be a problem because these devices have Stock Android, which means they offer a very similar experience to that offered by Google’s Pixel phones.

The only difference here is that Motorola usually adds some apps that enhance the user experience. You won’t find annoying and useless pre-installed apps; it’s a pure version of Android. As for updates, they are not that fast in comparison to other brands, but they aren’t significantly slow either. 

Very useful additional features

Another reason to choose a Motorola device in 2021 is the set of valuable extras this brand includes. Over the years, smartphones have not only evolved in terms of designs or features such as the camera, they have also lost some features that many users still value.

Many of the newest devices on the market no longer include memory card slots or a headphone port. If you are one of those who prefer to have a device with more possibilities, a Motorola cellphone is your best option. Some of the great features this brand offers is the fact the it’s devices still allow users to expand the internal memory with microSD cards. In addition, they also have the 3.5 jack so you can use your wired headphones whenever you want. 

So if you are looking for a quality device, at a good price, with great autonomy and that offers a good user experience, Motorola is a good choice. Furthermore, this year the brand brings a powerful catalog, with very interesting devices such as the Motorola Nio, the Moto G Stylus 2021, and the Motorola Capri and Capri Plus. Would you like to try any of them?

And always keep in mind, you opt for any of these models, we can unlock it easily, quickly and reliably only here at Movical.