Tips to extend your phone’s life

How old is your phone, and does it work as well as it did on day one? If you bought it recently, it probably does. But if you’ve had it for a while, it’s likely to have some issues. 

The average consumer updates their cell phone every 15 months, according to data from the consultancy firm MarketWatch. However, Apple’s official recommendation is to replace the iPhone every three years, while Android phones, in general, should be replaced every two years.

However, if you do not want to or are unable to change your smartphone with this frequency, it is important that you learn some tricks to extend it’s life.

1. Charge the battery more frequently.

There are many myths about charging your cell phone. However, one thing that most experts agree on is to charge more frequently. In this regard, it is best to avoid letting the indicator drop to 10-20%. Ideally, charge the phone when it has more than 25%. This will help to keep the battery in good condition for longer. 

2. Do not charge it to 100% overnight.

Ideally, the charge should be uninterrupted until it reaches 100%, but do not leave it connected beyond that. After the cell phone reaches 100% charge, it will continue to receive slow charges to keep it fully recharged. This will keep the battery running non-stop. The device will not overcharge, but this practice will wear down the battery over time.

3. Use a screen protector

The screen is the most sensitive external element of your cell phone. Therefore, it is essential to take care of it. To do so, simply use a screen protector such as tempered glass. This way, you reduce the chances of it breaking or cracking. 

4. Buy a durable protective case

Many people don’t like to cover their smartphone design with a plastic case. However, it’s the smartest choice if you want to protect it when it inevitably gets dropped. Plus, it will help you keep it looking like new for longer. 

5. Turn it off regularly

We use our phone all day long, so we hardly ever turn it off. But it is important to do so, as it is a practice that will help it work better and extend its life. You can turn it off at night, which will also allow your battery to cool down.

6. Don’t exercise with your phone on you

Although there are many applications to help you exercise, it may not be advisable to use them. In fact, many users have damaged their devices by carrying them in their pocket or carrying them on their arm while exercising as a result of the humidity from sweating. Therefore, it is best to avoid using it during this activity. 

7. Avoid extreme temperatures

Extreme temperatures shorten the life of your phone. Excessive heat can lead to overheating and cause everything from data loss to battery damage. Cold is no less damaging, as it causes the device to require more power to maintain the right temperature to operate. It can also cause unexpected shutdowns and display problems.

8. Do not buy cheap chargers

If your phone’s original charger has been damaged, don’t use just any charger! Many users have used non-native chargers and caused fires or electric shocks. It may seem exaggerated, but it’s true. Therefore, it is best to use an official charger for your device. 

9. Avoid using bright wallpapers and adjust the brightness of the screen.

The panel is the main culprit in draining your cell phone battery. Very bright screens may look comfortable for viewing content, but they will consume all the power of the device. Therefore, it is important to reduce the screen brightness by at least 30-40%.

10. Remove vibrations for notifications.

Cell phones, like any other device, lose effectiveness with use. Little extras, such as vibrating notifications, are habits that make it difficult for the device to work. They also keep it running at full capacity all the time, even when it is not necessary. By eliminating vibrations, you’ll give it a break that will help you extend the life of your phone.

If you keep these tips in mind, your cell phone will have a longer life and work better for longer. 

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