Google Play is being updated and this is how it will affect your Android

Google is making changes to its services this 2023. One of them has been the Google Play update, which has been arriving progressively to users. This version of the service brings improvements to Google Play Protect, as well as new features focused on developers.

Changes in the Google Play system for January 2023

The Google Play update includes several hidden optimizations to make using the service as smooth as possible. These are the changes it offers: 

Google Play Store

– Optimizations to enable more reliable and faster downloads and installations.

– New features for discovering apps and games. 

– Performance optimizations

– Bug fixes

– Continued improvements to Play Protect to keep devices secure.

Google Play Games

– Expansion of users and use cases supported by the Play Games profile (for phones and computers).

Developer Services

– New developer features for Google and third-party apps to support connectivity-related services.

At the moment, there don’t seem to be many interesting features for users. So, it is not a very noticeable change. Either way, it will be a matter of waiting if Google expands the update log as the month progresses. 

Could the Google Play update affect your Android?

Generally speaking, the answer should be no. However, earlier this month it came to light that a glitch in the Google Play update would have left several Samsung devices without the latest version of the service.

On the Reddit platform, and on Samsung support forums, some users of the Korean firm complained that their devices had not been updated, so they remained with the July version of Google Play. Among those affected were the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S22, and Galaxy A53.

Apparently, after accepting the October update, the phone restarts to apply the changes. But, upon startup, the new version still fails to install. Evidence suggests that the bug got worse since Android 13 and One UI 5 were deployed on Samsung handsets. The inconvenience may be due to incompatibility. Either way, Google is expected to provide a fix soon.

Android also received its first update in January 2023.

Earlier this year, Google also released its first security patch for its operating system. But, as usual, its availability has priority on Google Pixel devices. Subsequently, they will be rolling it out to other manufacturers’ devices. 

On its website, specifically in its security bulletin, the company collected all the Android vulnerabilities that were fixed. In addition, they categorized them according to the level of threat they posed. Some were related to the operation and others to the security of the system.

However, the rollout of this new patch has not been seamless. Just like Samsung’s bug with Google Play, the Android update seems to be causing a problem on the Pixels.

Users of these devices reported problems with Bluetooth in the car. Apparently, they are unable to connect to the infotainment system via Bluetooth or maintain the connection. The bug affects systems in some Hyundai, Kia, Honda, Toyota and Infiniti vehicles.

The problem appears to predominantly affect Pixel devices with Tensor SoCs, such as Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 6, Pixel 6, Pixel 6a, Pixel 7 Pro and Pixel 7, according to reports on Reddit and Twitter. However, it is not a problem that affects all users. 

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