How to Unlock Sprint’s LG and Samsung Cell Phones, Boost Mobile

If you own a cell phone from the American carriers Sprint, Boost Mobile, or Virgin Mobile, you may think they are impossible to unlock since they do request for a SIM unlocking code.

These American carriers lock their devices by customizing and enabling the phone’s firmware and preventing you from entering any unlocking code.

In Movical.Net, we know what kind of unlocking each model needs, and we offer a solution for each model (usually Samsung and LG cell phones).

There are two types of SIM unlocking for Sprint phones, Boost and Virgin Mobile.


Software unlock

We send you a professional unlocking program by email with a username and password.

  • You must install this program on any Windows PC
  • Install the attached drivers
  • Connecting the cell phone to the PC by USB cable
  • Run the program by pressing the Unlock button

Sprint and Boost Mobile network unlocking program

Remote unlock

We have a large team of technicians, one of them will connect remotely to your device to unlock the LG or Samsung remotely providing support by Whatsapp:

  • You must install the program for remote connection on any Windows PC
  • The technician will install the appropriate programs on your PC
  • It will tell you when to connect your cell phone via USB to your PC
  • And it will remotely run an unlocking program according to your model


In both cases, the SIM unlocking will be permanent. You will be able to update the android version as many times as you want without losing the unlocking.

You can use an American cell phone with any carrier and country in the world.

The cell phone does not lose the warranty.

It doesn’t affect all the information saved (photos, notes, calendar, or agenda)

If someone told you that your phone cannot be unlocked and it is not supported, we recommend that you check our website. You may be pleasantly surprised!

Just go to and select the original model and carrier that is locking your device network.
You can also go directly to your carrier’s section:
Unlock Boost Mobile Cell Phone
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