Upcoming features for smartphones in 2021

Every year, new features are added to smartphones, whether they are function-related or design-related. Some time ago, we saw how the fingerprint reader became a trend among high-end and even mid-range devices, as well as the all-screen front, the famous ‘notch’ to house the camera, and more recently, the triple and quadruple cameras.

But what will be the trends in 2021 for smartphones? Perhaps you think that today’s cell phones are quite complete, and they are. Today smartphones are devices with advanced technologies that allow us to do almost the same thing as on a computer, but there is always room for improvement. Besides, every year new technologies appear that can improve the user experience and take it to another level.

Standard features for smartphones in 2021

Is it possible to know what features smartphones will include in 2021? Yes, and it is partly thanks to the iPhone 12 that we can have a clue. It’s no secret that Apple’s flagship device has become an inspiration for many brands. So it is possible that after Cupertino’s company adds a feature or technology, the rest of the manufacturers follow.

So, taking into account some outstanding features and others that could be available in 2021, we tell you what will be the functions, designs, or technologies to become a standard in cell phones next year:

Mini Smartphones

The time when manufacturers focused on making cell phones smaller and smaller is over and, there is no doubt about that. The big screens have been taking over the cell phone market for quite some time now. However, that does not mean that there is no room for a ‘mini’ smartphone in today’s world.

Apple has already shown that having a small smartphone can be the desire of many. That is why they launched the iPhone 12 mini. Of course, you should keep in mind that the name min’ in today’s market refers to less than 6 inches, but more than 5. This mini model from Apple has a 5.4-inch screen, which was the standard on smartphones until a few years ago.

Let’s see how successful this device will be in the market, but so far, it seems to be well received. It is very likely that in 2021, we will see several Android mini phones, about 5.5 inches at most. Xiaomi is already working on a small model, but we still don’t know if brands like Huawei or Samsung will follow these steps. 

Faster wireless charging

Wireless charging came to smartphones a couple of years ago. It’s an attractive and convenient technology since it allows us not to depend on cables. However, the main problem with it is the speed.

Wireless power transmission is a technological dream that has come true, but so far, it has not worked very efficiently. It is comfortable, but charging the phone with a cable is faster. Fortunately, manufacturers like Xiaomi are about to change the future of this technology, as the company recently introduced its ultra-fast wireless charging in a video.

The new Mi MIX models from Xiaomi will be the first device to have this new technology, which is characterized by being extremely fast. According to the brand, in just 20 minutes, it will be possible to charge 57% of battery power, thanks to the power of 40W. It means that, to a certain extent, wireless charging equals its speed with fast wired charging.

Cameras under the screen

Cameras under the screen

One of the main challenges for smartphone manufacturers is how to make the most of the screen surface. Brands have tried to use different techniques to achieve this, from rotating cameras, holes in the screen, or the famous -and also hated by many- notch.

However, in 2021 this problem may be gone with the introduction of under-screen cameras. Although they seemed to be unviable for some companies like Xiaomi, given their high cost, Oppo has made it clear that they will have commercial cell phones with under-screen cameras next year. 

Brands such as ZTE have already moved ahead. The ZTE Axon 20 5G became the first smartphone in the market to include this technology. This phone is already official in China and, as announced, it has no notch, no pop-up mechanism, and no hole for the front camera. 

It has been integrated under the OLED panel, so the whole front of the cell phone is usable. Some say that in 2021, we will see more devices of this type in the market.

Straight frames

One of the recent trends in smartphones was the design with curved frames, something that improved the grip of the device. Even Apple got caught up in this trend and left behind its classic design. However, with the iPhone 12, it has returned to basics since it has once again opted for straight frames.

Apple’s new devices look like its classic devices, but with modern innovations. It is hard to know if other brands will also return to this design of straight geometric shapes, but there is a chance that some manufacturers will decide to follow the same line as Apple. 

These are some of the features that could become a standard for smartphones in 2021. Which one do you like best? Do you have another innovation in mind?