Blacklists: how to verify your IMEI and remove your device from them

Nowadays, many users decide to buy second-hand smartphones. This is often an alternative to access high-end devices that are usually expensive when they come on the market. Whatever the case may be, if you buy a used device, you have to check if it is on a blacklist.

Blacklists are records that include IMEI numbers that have been blocked. They are generated by the operators themselves with reports from users who have notified the loss or theft of their devices. In other words, when a device is on a blacklist it is because it has been stolen or its owner has lost it.

Of course, this is not the only reason why certain IMEIs are blacklisted. These also include cell phones that have been denied access to the network, either because they have not paid for a contracted plan or the phone company has deactivated the line.

How to know if an IMEI is blacklisted?

How to know if an IMEI is blacklisted?

If you decided to buy a second-hand cell phone, it is important that before making the transaction you check if the IMEI is on a blacklist. Checking it is easier than you think, as there are services like Movical to check this code.

In fact, you just have to enter the number in the space provided. It must be 15 digits, without spaces or dashes. In case you do not know what the IMEI is, it is possible to check it from the device by dialing the key combination *#06#.

This service may be free, depending on the device you have. However, there are cases where there is no free information. If so, you can opt for the premium service for an additional cost.

Tools or solutions to remove your phone from a blacklist

If after consulting your IMEI you discover that it is indeed on a blacklist, you should know that there are ways to remove it from there. Here are the methods to achieve this.

➤ Call the carrier

The first step should be to call the phone carrier, because, as we told you initially, it is the phone companies themselves that add the IMEIs on these lists. However, you should keep in mind that the unlocking will depend on the reason why the device was blocked.

If its original owner reported the phone lost or stolen, there is nothing to do, as the equipment is not legal. On the other hand, if the cause of its inclusion on the list is a consequence of the original owner failing to make payments, owing money to the provider or the provider blocking it by mistake, it can be solved.

➤ Contact the seller.

Another logical step in trying to resolve this problem is to contact the seller of the cell phone. It is likely that they have knowledge of why the carrier blocked the IMEI and may be able to help you get it off the blacklist. 

➤ Use an IMEI blacklist removal service.

If contacting the operator is not an option, or didn’t work, you can opt to use a service to remove an IMEI from a blacklist. To do this, they use several methods to obtain the unlocking. Of course, in exchange for a fee. 

For this removal they can replace the current IMEI of the device with a new one, report the phone as clean, use a connection with an employee of the operator to remove the phone from the list, contact the original owner and convince him to pay the bill, among others. 

Note that you don’t necessarily need to give the phone to someone to perform the procedure. Most of these services are done remotely. 

➤ Replace the IMEI

This is perhaps the most complicated and technical method, but it can work. And the thing is that there are ways to change the IMEI manually, in case you have the device in your hands. 

Unfortunately, it is a method that usually works only with older phones and not with newer ones. Moreover, you need another IMEI chip to replace it. Therefore, it is usually not the most recommended option.

So now you know, before buying a second-hand smartphone, it is best to check its IMEI on Movical. If it is indeed on a blacklist, you know how you can remove it from it. 

Remember also that if the device has a network lock, you can unlock it to use it with the operator of your choice. In Movical you can do it quickly and safely.