Secret MIUI settings to get the most out of your Xiaomi

All phones have a series of settings that many users are unaware of. Xiaomi’s customization layer is no exception because it is also one of the most complete in the Android OS. If you know the secret MIUI settings you can customize your device and get the most out of it.

Most importantly, these settings do not involve the modification of elements prohibited by the brand. They are system functions that help improve your experience with the smartphone.

10 MIUI settings you should know 

Change the appearance of the control center

The control center is that panel you see when you swipe the screen from the top and you can change its style to make the visual organization of quick settings different. In the Settings section, you need to go to Notifications and select Control Center. In Control Center Style you can activate the one you want. 

Take advantage of the Superwallpapers

Although the Super Wallpapers arrived with MIUI 12, for many people they went unnoticed. These are animated and 3D wallpapers that change their appearance as you scroll through the screens of the device. To set it up, you must follow the route Settings > Wallpaper > SuperWallpapers and choose the one you like. 

Change the way you navigate through the system

When you first set up your Xiaomi phone, you have two options to interact when scrolling through the system. In this regard, you can choose between the classic navigation by buttons or the one that is by gestures. It is possible to make this change by following the path Settings > Home screen > System navigation, where you have to select the option you want.

Prevent apps from connecting to the Internet.

The issue of security is always important. Therefore, if you are worried about any of your apps connecting to the Internet when they shouldn’t, you can prevent it. To do this, simply limit their connection to the network using the Settings section. In Manage apps, you must select the app you want to limit data usage and check the “Restrict data usage” option.

Configure the Extreme Battery Saver for emergencies

MIUI has an extreme battery saving mode with which you can restrict the functions of the smartphone to the maximum to prolong the battery much more. When activated, it removes the activity of all your apps, except for those you select to continue using. You activate it in: Settings > Battery > Extreme Battery Saver. You can also add this option to the quick menu. 

Share content with the screen off

Sharing content wirelessly with a Smart TV or smart display has been possible for a long time. But to generate this duplicate, you usually need to have the cell phone screen on. MIUI allows you to do this with the panel turned off. Just enable the feature by following this route: Settings > Connection & Sharing > Broadcast > Enable switch.

Take care of your eyes with reading mode

One of the concerns related to the use of smartphones has to do with eyesight. And the fact is that when using this screen for so many hours, this sense can be strained. With the reading mode you could watch the cell phone in dark environments without the light affecting your eyes too much. It can be activated from Settings, in the Display section.

Set Game Turbo to record your games

If you like to play games on your phone, this MIUI setting is for you. Game Turbo is a feature that can be activated automatically when you start a game or opened as a standalone app. It helps to increase the performance of your smartphone when playing games. You can find it under Settings > Special Features > Game Turbo.

Customize the camera

On your Xiaomi phone you can also change the color range of the camera app, as well as the sound it produces when taking a picture. To make these changes just go to the settings of the camera app, find the General settings, and select Customize. In the Colors option you can choose the one you like, and in the Sounds option you can change it. 

Improve your WiFi reception

Having a good WiFi reception on your phone does not only depend on the location of the router. With a few settings on your smartphone, you can improve its signal reception, although for this you will have to activate the developer options. Once done, you must select the option ‘Enable extensive WiFi logging’.

There are many MIUI settings that you do not know and that will undoubtedly improve your experience with your Xiaomi phone. Apply the ones on this list and you will notice the difference in its use. 

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