Do you like Xiaomi cell phones? These are the ones with the best camera

Do you like Xiaomi cell phones? These are the ones with the best camera

In recent years, mobile photography has advanced tremendously. People are constantly taking pictures with their cell phones, especially selfies, although they also tend to capture food dishes, landscapes, etc. For this, it is essential to have a good device, and a great option can be a Xiaomi cell phone.  The smartphones of this brand have … Read more

List of Xiaomi Mi and Redmi phones that will no longer be upgraded

List of Xiaomi Mi and Redmi phones that will no longer be upgraded

The smartphone market is one of the most dynamic. Every year, for example, we see new Xiaomi phones arriving to replace previous versions. These, in turn, become obsolete over time, because at a certain point they stop receiving operating system updates. This happens because it is difficult for manufacturers to keep all their equipment up … Read more

What is the difference between the Poco X4 Pro 5g and Poco X3 Pro?

Learn the differences between the Poco X4 Pro 5g and Poco X3 Pro

In 2021,Xiaomi‘s Poco X3 Pro became one of the most popular smartphones in the market due to its excellent value for money. In February 2022, the brand renewed the model by launching the POCO X4 Pro 5G. Therefore, many users are wondering if it is worth buying this new device and above all, what makes … Read more

What’s New from MIUI – Xiaomi

Xiaomi, the third smartphone manufacturer in the world

When it comes to smartphone customization layers on Android, MIUI is one of the most popular due to the number of Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO devices sold every year. As with almost everything, MIUI has many fans, but also detractors, because although it stands out for having very interesting features, it could also do a … Read more

These are the Xiaomi models that will receive the latest version of MIUI based on Android 12

Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro

Android 12, the latest version of Google’s operating system, will start rolling out to different smarthphone manufacturers very soon. One of them is Xiaomi, which has worked to incorporate this version under its MIUI customization layer on a large number of the company’s devices. Xiaomi models that will be compatible with Android 12 The list … Read more

What’s new for the Redmi Note 10 Pro

Xiaomi Mi and Redmi devices that will update to Android 12

Xiaomi’s Redmi range usually attracts a lot of attention. They are devices with high quality and very interesting features offering an excellent price-quality ratio. In the specific case of the Redmi Note 10 Pro, we are facing a smartphone that offers a great experience and has many strengths. This device is not thick, despite the … Read more

Is your Xiaomi original or fake? Check it by verifying its IMEI code

Xiaomi, the third smartphone manufacturer in the world

Piracy is not a crime exclusive to fashion items such as shoes and handbags. Counterfeits are also present in the smartphone industry. If you don’t believe us, just look at one of the most popular brands of the moment, Xiaomi, which has become one of the companies that suffers most from counterfeiting. In fact, it … Read more

Redmi k40 vs k40 Pro. What does each one have to offer?


This 2021, Xiaomi launched two new phones that are at the top of its catalog. These are the Redmi K40 and Redmi K40 Pro models. Both are devices that stand out from similar smartphones for having cutting-edge specifications that aren’t too far from its high-end brother, Xiaomi Mi 11. These models belong to the same … Read more

Lost your Xiaomi phone? Here’s how to find it

Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro

One of the biggest fears of smartphone users (about 3 million people) is losing their phone or having it stolen. Losing track of it not only means losing the device, but also losing a lot of data that is often irreplaceable such as messages, photos, music, etc. Worst of all, your privacy could be exposed. … Read more